Hypnotherapy and Sanomentology Package


Hypnotherapy and Sanomentology

I recommend four sessions of either Hypnotherapy, Sanomentology, or a blend of the two.
The four session package is priced at £300 (25% discount for 999).
Face to face or online available. Will discus this once booked.

Weekly progress check in
Bonus audio to further cement new habits and thought processes
Review four weeks after final session


Hypnotherapy and Sanomentology

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing process where the subconscious mind is given freedom to delve deep and give answers to discomforts that would prove difficult to uncover consciously. There is also positive suggestion to embed new and empowering behaviours.

Sanomentology is a beautiful therapy where healing takes place on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  It allows your subconscious mind the freedom to understand where the changes need to be made and then, make those changes, freeing any trapped trauma and almost placing the client back in a state of being ‘reset’.