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Caroline has 30 years experience in listening, understanding and helping others

Caroline Church

Hello! I’m Caroline

Licensed Therapist

‘I came to beautiful Derbyshire in 1993, on a bit of a whim. But I am so grateful I did. It very quickly became home to me and as well as serving for 25 years in the police here, I also married and had two fantastic children.

My time as a police officer certainly had its ups and downs. In the main I enjoyed my time. But during my time as an officer I definitely became unhappy, depressed and irritable. I found that it was internal struggles with colleagues and managers, as well as external incidents that lead to me suffering very severely with low self esteem. Although I liked my colleagues and some are still very good friends, I did find I supressed what I believed in, my thoughts and opinions. I became full of self doubt and found this lead to depression with many struggles that I had to overcome during my service. I spent many years on anti depressants. Far too many in fact but I really didn’t think that I could change when it came to confidence-I thought it was just me and that this was how I would remain. But I knew that medication was not the answer. I knew that these masked how I was feeling so I could function. But they didn’t address the root cause. I had so many limiting beliefs about myself that would stop me moving forward, stop me from being truly happy and stop me from progressing any further in my career.

During the latter five years as a police officer, I became involved in Network Marketing and I built up a successful business in this field, with a large team and following.
After retiring in 2019 I began learning as much as possible about the subconscious mind. I trained in Sanomentology, Hypnotherapy and Belief Coding R. And in the process I healed from the depression I carried with me and developed new and empowering ways of thinking. I learned how it could help with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, automimmune diseases, phobias, stammering, addictions and many more. What is so fascinating to me is that all these discomforts stem from one place-the subconscious mind.
I also found that as my confidence in myself increased, my self belief and my freedom from worrying about how others perceived me, so did my performance in network marketing. As a result, I have a special interest in helping other people succeed in their chosen network marketing profession. I have developed a four week programme to eliminate self doubt and worry, to increase confidence and belief in the self. Please see Fees and Packages for more information.

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I had a session of Sanomentology with Caroline a little while ago. I was a little nervous as didn’t know what to expect, but Caroline was very reassuring that there was nothing to worry about, which there really wasn’t! Our session was done remotely, so I was in the comfort of my own home. I really didn’t know what to expect! The session was really interesting, and despite the aim to tackle some quite traumatic events from my past, it didn’t bring up the overwhelming emotions that other therapies have done in the previously. I felt very relaxed at the end, and quite sure I drifted off some where part way through. 


It was a fantastic session and Caroline kept it really simple and explained it so well.

I decided to book in and BOY I’m so glad I did…..I would highly recommend Caroline and her sessions. I’m not exactly sure how but her magic has certainly worked for me.

I have to recommend Caroline and this - I was severely attacked by a dog in July (lots of bites nearly lost shoulder blade and ear and had a horrific head injury - it was bad but was blessed it wasn't worse!) and I had 4 sessions and Caroline's support and wow how things have changed for me...after the attack I couldn't even let my cat near me and got really worried about freaking out. It took 4 sessions - I sometimes have to have a moment but I have a meditation  I use which helps me. Without Caroline's help on this I probably wouldn't have been able to go out of the house I was so ashamed of how I looked.


Caroline is a great therapist. I saw her to help with managing stress and overwhelm during a career transition. She listened carefully and helped me to release the anxiety I was holding. I left feeling energised, calm and able to think more clearly alt my next steps. Thank you Caroline. I highly recommend you.


I can’t recommend Caroline enough. She genuinely cares and wants to help. She listens to everything and her sessions are extremely relaxing and beneficial. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend her.

Lucy Byrne

The hypnoslimmer course with Caroline is amazing.
I did the 4 week online course as a group. One week I got so relaxed that I almost fell asleep!
I have changed the way I feel about food and now only eat when hungry and also have breakfast.
I have also gone down a belt size and lost weight. Slower but surely wins the race!
Caroline is a lovely lady and has such a calming relaxing voice.

Ann Meldrum

For the first time in 30 years I am not on a diet but I losing inches and weight. The sessions were online as a group and I found them so relaxing. The therapy definitely worked as I feel so different about food. I felt totally supported throughout the whole 4 weeks and Caroline created a lovely and inviting atmosphere.

Shelley Smith

I went to Caroline for a six week program as I was curious about the hypnotherapy process and wanted to try and release some mental blocks I had collected over time. From the moment I called up and booked the course it was like the sluice gates opened and fresh thoughts began to flow. I looked forward to visiting Caroline every week and found the sessions relaxing and enlightening. I would highly recommend Caroline and her sessions. Thanks Caroline!!

Alan Fern

Having survived an abusive, unhappy childhood, I have lived with the effects of it all my life. Recently, an event triggered memories of the past trauma and I experienced a constant mild depression. I was unable to shake this off and suffered a mini meltdown.

I contacted Caroline and after a course of hypnotherapy, the past trauma has completely gone.

I cannot recommend this healing therapy highly enough.

Caroline, thank you. You have significantly improved the quality of my life and I am no longer haunted by negative memories of my childhood unexpectedly surfacing and causing anguish.

Teresa Brown

Caroline is an Angel, she has helped my children with anxiety, fears and phobias and most of all she has been a massive help and contribution to my mental, emotional and physical help.

She is professional, kind, caring and I am extremely grateful to have found her

The results of working with Caroline speak for themself and I have continued to improve immensely from our sessions together.my children have been completely resolved with their fears and problems they were facing .

One being my son was not eating for a number of weeks after a choking incident and after working with caroline within hours he ate a beef burger !!!

I cannot recommend this lady enough she is absolutely and wonderful in my opinion and experience

Ann Meldrum

For the first time in 30 years I am not on a diet but I losing inches and weight. The sessions were online as a group and I found them so relaxing. The therapy definitely worked as I feel so different about food. I felt totally supported throughout the whole 4 weeks and Caroline created a lovely and inviting atmosphere.

I meant to let you know - your hypnotherapy has just completely sorted me out

I feel so emotionally well, resilient, calm and happy. I've not been anxious for ages, and I just feel great.

Thank you

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