Weight loss jab – a natural alternative in 2023?

Weight loss jab – a natural alternative in 2023?

Don’t want the side effects or drugs, but want the results?


It’s all about the weight loss jab in the media at the moment. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Just inject yourself and lose weight.
Caroline Church

But is it really that simple?  As well as the ‘good new stories’, there have been surveys and reports that the side effects to this jab can be quite nasty; nausea, diarrhoea, sickness, extreme chronic cramps.  And this isn’t just a handful of unlucky recipients, these side effects appear to be rather common. This was a recent article in The Guardian (March 2023):

From unbearable side-effects to cravings curbed: readers on weight-loss jabs | Obesity | The Guardian

It may be a price or a risk some are willing to take.  I would always advise people to ‘weigh up’ the pros and cons beforehand though as there will be some other downsides to this seemingly quick fix. People are getting very excited about this new treatment, but one huge element to think about is, what will happen after the treatment has stopped?  Because, when you stop using the jabs, the all important mindset has not changed, the habits will still be there, the cravings will still be the same. So what this means is that some time later, maybe days, weeks or even months, those old habits will creep back in and the weight will creep back on again-because the root cause has not been dealt with.  And we all know that its usually more weight that goes back on, than was on previously. It might sound like a quick and easy solution to getting rid of the extra weight, but it does come with a price-not just financial.  Who knows what the long effects will be?  This is a relatively new treatment.

Have you got the discipline?


To me, it is the mindset that is important. When I help you to change your mindset towards food, this forms the new habits, a new relationship with food. Some people are able to do this on sheer discipline. These people are usually very driven and find it easy to stay on course. Most people however, don’t find it easy to stay on course. Think about all those New Years resolutions!  They give us the start but before long, they have gone by the wayside as we are preprogammed, to a certain degree.  However, this is where other practices such as hypnosis can really, really help. With hypnosis, I help the client to access their inner beliefs and we change those beliefs, and the cravings. Hypnosis can also change that feeling of fullness so it comes on earlier.  (Did you know this full feeling was down to a hormone called Ghrelin?  Check out this link for more information Ghrelin: The ‘Hunger Hormone’ Explained (healthline.com)  )

What could possibly go wrong?


On the flip side though, if we just take a quick fix injection and lose the weight, what is going to happen when the injections stop?  Just picture it….4 months of jabs, eating much fewer calories, maybe because you feel so sick and nausous.  Hurray – you have reached your target weight!  The jabs stop.  What now?  That hungry feeling is back and you are craving a doughnut. Argh – can you stop yourself?  Can you stop thinking about it?  Just one won’t hurt surely?  Just one, and perhaps one tomorrow, as just one won’t hurt surely?  And so it goes on.  The jab will not change your habits!

However, with subconscious work, these habits, beliefs and instincts will stay with the individual so much longer and potentially for the rest of their life. You must have heard of people who’ve tried to give up smoking for years and years and then had hypnotherapy never touched another one. Well, it’s similar with eating so I have recently trained in the new weight loss, jab, hypnotherapy and I’m so excited to be offering this to my clients now. I will be rolling this programme out for individuals and also for groups, for anyone who wants a budget friendly approach.  This will be starting mid August 2023.
This is ideal for you please get in touch to discuss prices and for any further information about the programme.  It is always a good idea to spend 30 minutes or so chatting to someone who youare considering working with first, so you can see if you gel with this person.



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