Are you sick and tired of being tired and sick?

Caroline uses Sanomentology – one of the most powerful and versatile therapeutic and coaching programs in the world.

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Caroline Church

Do you have a phobia that you want rid of?
Have you been through trauma that is still affecting you?
Do you have chronic pain?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed?
Are you just not you?
Are you held back in life by things that happened in your past which you cannot get through?

Do you want to be part of a growing movement to remove your blocks using a progressive and gentle therapy?
You do not need to live your life in this way and I can help you to live the life you want using the brilliance of Sanomentology. This can be done face to face or is just as effective over video call.

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Caroline Church


I work with patients suffering from chronic physical and emotional pain at a psychological level. There are a number of protocols that work together to help with pain from issues such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, ME/CFS, MS, all types of old injuries and many more.

Caroline Church


Most fears and phobias are learnt. And if they are learnt, they can be unlearnt.
Often a phobia can be resolved in a very quick session using processes from the Sanomentology program. Occasionally if there is any residue fear left, we can go in with a deeper process depending on the level and depth of the fear.

Caroline Church


For successful weight management to work, it needs to happen at different levels, all at the unconscious level. The whole programming around food, beliefs, attitude etc need to change.
As Sanomentologists, I work at all of these levels for a successful long term happy weight program. 

Caroline Church Sanomentology Therapist


I will help you to deal with the addiction, the cravings, and most importantly, the drivers behind the addiction, something that most other addiction therapies disregard.
The sessions are friendly and safe, helping you to overcome the issues related to freeing yourself from the prison that you are in created by the addiction.

Caroline Church Sanomentology Therapist


The processes within the Sanomentology Program are content free meaning you can work on resolving the issues without talking or reliving them. The treatment for PTSD usually takes 4-5 sessions, with amazing results found after the first one. I ma totally non judgemental and work to help you to help yourself.

Caroline Church Sanomentology Therapist


Anxiety is a fear of what could happen, depression is dwelling on what already has happened. They are both caused in similar ways, by stored unfinished business in the amygdala and negative emotions tied to memories. With content free processes I can work with you to reset the amygdala and your emotional state.

Caroline Church Sanomentology Therapist

Hello! I’m Caroline Church | Sanomentology Therapist

Licensed Therapist

I have always been fascinated and passionate about all disciplines of ‘complementary therapy’. I have a personal interest in therapy which heals the mind and body. In September 2020 I gained my Diploma in Sanomentology, approved by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Kind Words

I have to recommend Caroline and this – I was severely attacked by a dog in July (lots of bites nearly lost shoulder blade and ear and had a horrific head injury – it was bad but was blessed it wasn’t worse!) and I had 4 sessions and Caroline’s support and wow how things have changed for me…after the attack I couldn’t even let my cat near me and got really worried about freaking out. It took 4 sessions – I sometimes to have a moment but I have a meditation which I use which helps me. Without Caroline’s help on this I probably wouldn’t have been able to go out of the house I was so ashamed of how I looked. Sorry I want there today.

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